Jordan Wearing, RMT

Jordan graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2012. She is trained to work with a wide variety of clientele using techniques such as myofascial and trigger point release, active release therapy, and Swedish massage. These can help with a variety of injuries, as well as overall stress and tension. As an avid sports fan (Go Canucks!) she has many experiences working with athletes of all ages and has a strong skill set in athletic massage.

Since college, Jordan has taken post-graduate courses on stretch therapy and believes that you are an equal partner in your healing process and that understanding how your body works plays a big role in it. Being a dancer for 10 years, she understands the importance of self awareness and taking care of your body. Because of this, she enjoys combining therapeutic treatment with effective home-care. She strives to give you the best treatment and knowledge possible, so you can have a great experience both inside and outside the clinic.



Lisa Dunn, RMT



Karin Boisclair-Joly, B.Sc., RMT

Karin delights in combining her knowledge of anatomy with the varied techniques of massage therapy to help create positive, specific change for her patients. A graduate of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy who will certify as an RMT in the fall of 2019, Karin also has a Bachelor of Science (biology) from the University of Alberta and a deep love of learning.

She finds it a privilege to create therapeutic space for her diverse patients, identifying a specialized treatment plan with carefully chosen home-care to extend the benefits of the massage. An important part of massage therapy is working together with patients so they can achieve their goals: it is important to feel good in one’s body and move in the ways one would like!

As a student therapist until completion of the CMTBC board exams, Karin will offer relaxation massage. She is happy to answer your questions and looks forward to being part of your health journey.

Karin loves being in her garden, eating great food, enthusiastically discussing books and movies, chasing birds with binoculars, identifying native plants and animals, and generally dabbling in quite a few things that she will never master but still pursues, like speaking French, baking bread, playing fiddle and painting. Karin parle français assez couramment. She absolutely dotes on her family and is grateful to be part of a wonderful community.



David Bobenic, RMT

David is a recent graduate from West Coast College of massage therapy. Raised in Cloverdale and a lifelong resident of the lower mainland, David lives in Steveston with his wife and three boys. He was introduced to this profession by his wife, who herself is a RMT, because of his innate drive to help other. David is a caring and compassionate person that is passionate about making his life and the lives of other better.

David is a dedicated family man and enjoys living an active and healthy lifestyle with his family. Like most people raised in the lower mainland, he enjoys his outdoor activities, e.g. hiking, biking, paddle boarding, and played and coached both hockey and football.

David’s life experience through many careers, activities, and athletics has left him with the knowledge and understanding of the rigors of peoples lives. David can put that knowledge to work in creating a treatment plan that can help his clients onto a road of recovery.



Gina Kang, RMT Student

Gina graduated from the registered massage therapy program from CDI College in the Summer of 2019. As a student, she had the experience to treat seniors at an outreach program, and also treat women-specific concerns at an in-reach program. She became interested in becoming an RMT from her interest in the anatomy and physiology of the human body. After personally seeing the benefits of massage treatments in herself and in her friends/family, she decided to pursue this career path. Gina will be working as a Bodyworker offering only relaxation massages until she has completed the CMTBC board exams in the Fall of 2019.



Hana K. Bobsien, B.A., R.T.C., C.Ht

Hana’s goal is to help clients gain awareness and insight into their behaviours, habits, and fears and, with a compassionate approach, to begin the process of healing and letting go. I work with clients of all ages for a variety of struggles including, but not limited to, Anxiety, Depression, Habits / Behaviours, Fears and Traumas, Pain, Life Transitions, Smoking Cessation, Weight loss, Sleep disorders.

Hana is a Registered Therapeutic Counselor (RTC #2494) with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT) and is bound by their Ethical Practice and Standards. Hana is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist through the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Her purpose as a therapist is to create a safe place for you to explore and feel safe to access your natural abilities to have a happy, healthy, and satisfying life. Her experience has taught her that our greatest gifts often come from our deepest wounds. When we learn to embrace our own suffering, we allow ourselves the space to heal and our lives become truly limitless. Counselling therapy can provide a fresh perspective on a difficult problem or point you in the direction of a solution while communicating “truth” to the client through unconditional positive regard.



Stella Jiang, R.Ac, BSN, RN

Stella is a Registered Acupuncturist, registered with College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia. Her passion for spiritual, mental and physical health led her to complete a 5 year Bachelor degree of Medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine University, China. She focuses on sharing her knowledge to help clients understand the root causes of their discomfort, illness or imbalance in their lives and design a personalized treatment plan to help them heal in a balanced and holistic way.

Stella is also a Registered Nurse specialized in Perinatal, registered with College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia. She is currently holding a part time position at BC Women’s Hospital. She provides direct and individualized nursing care to patients through their antepartum, labor and delivery and postpartum period based on the application of scientific nursing principles. Prior to working at BC Women’s, Stella has had comprehensive clinical nursing and TCM experiences in Medical, Orthopaedics, Neurology, Mental Health, Rehabilitation and Emergency departments in Burnaby General Hospital, Royal Columbian Hospital and Queen’s Park Care Center.



Jennifer Deng, R.Ac

Jennifer Deng received her medical degree from the Medical University of Tianjin in China in 1985. She has practiced both Western and Traditional Chinese medicine, with 13 years of experience working as a pediatrician, clinical researcher, and instructor in her home country. Deng is a Certified Thermographic Technician in Canada, earning her certification as a thermal imaging technician through the International Academy of Clinical Thermology in 2006. She is also trained in the use of cold-laser therapy to accelerates pain relief and healing. In 2008, she received her master’s degree in auricular medicine in 2008. Additionally she has experience and training in Chinese acupressure massage, acupuncture, nutrition, supplements, and pharmacology in Canada.